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I just read the note from the Houston librarian who was told that she and
her aide are now responsible for holding story time in the library at lunch
time for classes which include severely handicapped children so that their
teachers and aides can have their lunch break and planning time.  This of
course, keeps the children who need to use the library on their recess from
doing so.

She should RUN, not walk, to the teacher's union and ask for help. As a
librarian, she should be covered by the same contract language as the
teachers regarding lunch breaks and special ed aides being assigned to help
special needs children.  If contract language doesn't exist to protect
librarians or if the Union says it can't do anything,  I would start
pushing for it.  Librarians should join the Union for just this purpose and
get involved with negotiations, otherwise library issues may well be
overlooked.  In the meantime, I would get a group of librarians together
and go to the Supt. and the Board with this issue, pointing out the purpose
of a school library and the need for all children to have access at the
point of need. I would also recommend the librarians getting together to
file a joint grievance as this situation could affect them all.

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