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    Here are events in USA:

Sept - National Hispanic Heritage Month
Sept. 17-23  Constitution Week
Sept 26  American Indian Youth Education Day
Oct 1-31  National Crime Prevention Month
Oct 6-12  Fire Prevention Week
Oct 7-11  Handicap Awareness Week
Oct 14-18  National School Lunch Week
Nov 1-30  Native American Heritage Month
Nov. 11   Veterans Day
Nov 17-23  American Education Week
Nov. 18-24  National Children's Book Week
Dec. 10  Human Rights Day

Jan. 20   MLK Birthday
Feb 1-28  African-American History Month
Feb. 3-7  National Guidance Counseling Week
Feb. 7   Chinese New Year (Year of the Ox)
Feb. 9-15  Kindness Week
Feb. 17  Presidents' Day
March 1-31  Youth Art Month
March 2-8  Texas Public Schools Week
April 13   Cambodian/Thai/Lao New Year
April 21   National Library Week
April 20-26  Week of the Young Child
April 20-26  National Science Week
April 23   National Secretaries Day
May 1-31   Asian Heritage Month
May 4  Holocaust Remembrance Day
May 4-10  National Teacher Appreciation Week
May 5    Cinco De Mayo
May 17  Brown vs Board of Education

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