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Hello everyone,
I was just hired in my first-ever library position in a small
school of about 200 4th and 5th graders.  Do any of you
have favorite activities or ideas on hwo to get us all -
myself, students, and teachers off on the right foot?
I have Big Six handouts ready for the teachers to be
passed out at the earliest opportunity. . .

In addition, they just finished weeding the collection last
year and currently have 6 books per student, so I imagine
that I will be working on collection development as well.
Do any of you have favorite collection development tools
which you would like to share with me?

Traffic has been pretty sparse here lately, so I thought
I would get these requests in before the "week before
school rush" begins. . .    8-)

Thanks you very much for sharing and I will post whatever
I get by Tuesday or Wednesday night. . .


Earl J.

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