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Do any of you use automation in schools where you are not present every day?
Please tell me the advantages/disadvantages over my current manual system below:

I work at three different schools, and at my two elementary schools I am
only on site one day each week. For the libraries to be used, classes must
be able to check out books even when I'm not there. Currently, our method
is that the teacher collects the signed book cards from the students and
keeps them, returns the card to the book when the child returns it, and
places the returned books on a cart or shelf for me to reshelve. Teachers
are also responsible for following up on any overdues--notes to parents,

The snags in this system are:
        1. The cards for the checked out books are not in my possession, so I
               can't double check on any of them.

        2. Teachers are not very picky about being sure the correct card is in
               the correct book, especially if there is more than one copy,
               so it's hard to know if the right person is getting charged
               for missing items.

        3. THE WORST! I have had teachers return bundles of cards to me at
               the end of school saying, "The kids say they returned these,
               and I believe them." Then I can't find any of the books, and
               I have no time to track people down.

We've had problems with cards being messed up if they're left in a tray in
the LMC, so they need to be away from prying little fingers. I'd like to
press for automation, but I'm afraid that would be an even bigger headache.

Gayle Hodur

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