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I have an idea for my "Back to school" bulletin board (I'm responsible
for a 4 foot by 28 foot hallway bulletin board, too cumbersome, so I
break it into 3 areas). I'd like to create reading posters ...like the
ALA  Celebrity READ posters, but using faculty and staff. I think I had
seen a similar idea here on LMNET but I have a few questions.
   I'm trying to find an inexpensive source to have posters made from
photographs. I tried to call Giant Photos at the number mentioned here on
LMNET recently, but I'm not getting any answer.   I was thinking of
blowing up the photos (taken either with standard film or using a
quicktake camera) into 16" by 20" or 22" by 28" poster size. Any
suggestions on where I can get this done reasonably? I remember hearing
about a "poster making machine", does anyone have any knowledge of this?
The posters don't need to be, actually I would prefer they not be, on
photo paper. I'm not looking for HUGE photos, rather posters made from
photos. I'll post a hit, if enough interest is generated.

Suzanne Weinheimer, Library Media Specialist
South Mountain School/Annex (K-4)
South Orange, NJ  07079
school email:    SMtnSchLib@aol.com
personal email:  suzanne@whatexit.com
school web page: http://www.shu.edu/~murrayna
Opinions expressed are my own...

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