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On 10 Aug 1996, Susan Weiss wrote:

> I'm not sure that sliced off covers indicate that books are necessarily
> stolen. For a second year now, paperback books with sliced off covers
> are being offered free to schools/school libraries through a formal
> corporate giving process in Seattle.  Retired Boeing workers are distributing
> them.  There must be another angle to this matter.
The problem with this is WHERE is Boeing getting those stripped books?
If they are getting them from the publisher, that's fine, but otherwise
there is SIGNIFICANT reason to look this gift horse in the mouth. I'd
demand to know where the books came from, and have documentation of the
source and permission.  My son worked at a bookstore, and while they were
allowed to take stripped books for their own personal use, they were
strongly cautioned that they must destroy the books rather than sell them
or give them away.

Carol Mann Simpson                   csimpson@tenet.edu
Facilitator - Library Technology          214 882-7450
Mesquite (TX) Independent School District

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