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I was talking to my faculty today at staff meeting (yes we started
already with kids) telling them about the library program this year in
general.  I mentioned that I have two games for 3-5 graders each week.
One is a Where in the US  am I?  Our school is a space oriented school,
so I'll use an astronaut or spaceship or something and put it on an unmarked
map of the states.  I'll move it each week and students need to use an
atlas to find out the state it's in. It's fun and the kids love it.  I
also have a game using the Biographical or Geographical dictionary to
find the answer...ANyway, a first grade teacher raised her hand and asked
me what game I will have for K, 1 and 2.  I drew a blank.  Can anyone
come up with a game based on books, authors, characters, etc. I can use
with K-2 each week?  I have the students put their answers in a box and
the first one I draw on Fridays that is right, wins a sucker, bookmark etc.


Roberta Moecker
School Librarian
Scobee Elementary School       PHONE:  561-5070
11223 Cedar Park Dr.           rmoecker@tenet.edu
San Antonio, TX  78249         "Knowledge is Power"

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