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x-no-archive:  yes


Dejanews is an automatic web crawler that picks up everyone's posts to
newsgroups, and this one is no exception.  Its open and available to all.
Therefore, if you do not want your discussions picked up by the webcrawlers,
and you have an X-header, then put this in your X-Header:  x-no-archive:
yes   If you do not have an x-header then put it as the first line of your
text and the web crawlers will ignore you.

Guy Laurence

The opinions of this correspondent may be thought of as contraversial  (The
spelling is deliberate).  Whether the author intends that seems irrelevant
to many who read his material.  Therefore if you find my comments
controversial, please feel free to reply with an equally controversial reply
provided it is on the subject, there is no name calling, flaming, or
spamming.  "Read anything I write for the pleasure of reading it, anything
else you find is a measure of what you bring to the reading" Ernest Hemingway.

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