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Hi Earl,

I have been a library/media specialist in a K-6 for several years. The
first 2 weeks I usually do a library map activity withgrades 5&6.
The media center map has 15 locations to find. I have sheet with the 15
locations listed. They have to go to each location and detremine what it
located ther, find it on the list and label it. I put them in pairs or
sometimes teams of 3-4. I also have different treasure hunt lists. Each
list has 9 items - 3 are looking up items in the card catalog(we're not
automated yet),other items are :locating a book from one of the non
fiction categories, naming 2 magazines and listing an atricle from each,
name a set of encyclopedias, name a video from the collection, etc. Each
team has a different list, but they are similar in what they have to
find. Hope this helps!

Sheila Davis
Plympton School
Waltham, MA

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Earl Moniz wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I was just hired in my first-ever library position in a small
> school of about 200 4th and 5th graders.  Do any of you
> have favorite activities or ideas on hwo to get us all -
> myself, students, and teachers off on the right foot?
> I have Big Six handouts ready for the teachers to be
> passed out at the earliest opportunity. . .
> In addition, they just finished weeding the collection last
> year and currently have 6 books per student, so I imagine
> that I will be working on collection development as well.
> Do any of you have favorite collection development tools
> which you would like to share with me?
> Traffic has been pretty sparse here lately, so I thought
> I would get these requests in before the "week before
> school rush" begins. . .    8-)
> Thanks you very much for sharing and I will post whatever
> I get by Tuesday or Wednesday night. . .
> Aloha...
> Earl J.

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