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With 1st & 2nd grades--the first 2 or 3 library visits include very brief
story times and the main focus is library "proceedures"--including my
sign for quiet, where they sit for storytime, how to use placefinders,
and care of library materials. 1st grade checks out only 1 book for the
first couple of weeks. The classroom libraries are pretty impressive at
our school, however. The next lesson focus is "parts of a book." This is
a good foundation for the next lesson, alphabetical order. The term
"spine label" has already been introduced and children are aware that
when I introduce a new author, I will show the pine label and go to the
shelf where the book is located. by the fourth time or so, students are
telling ME where the E book for storytime is shelved. After a few
favorite authors are introduced, we talk about illustrators. It's amazing
how quickly they recognize the same illustrator, and some even remember
the names of the more familiar illustrators. I like to use themes that
coordinate what the first grade teachers are doing, so to introduce
non-fiction to the lower grades I generally start with 595s.

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