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To all of you who have been waiting for this HIT on flexible scheduling
inservice, I am sorry this is so late in coming.  I was in a car
accident and lost a week out of my summer.  I only received 11 replies
to the Target and 8 of those were people asking me to share the
information that I received.  What follow were the 3 replies that I

The first is from Debbie Collier  collie@tenet.edu  she writes:
We have semi-flex scheduling in my LMC, which means the storytime for EC
- end are fixed through the year but the other times are open for
"whatever". Most of my teachers are more comfortable with signing up for
the same checkout time all year....I think I finally realized that my
schedule is only as "flexible " as the teachers want to make it, & if I
insisted that they sign up for a different check out times each week or
two -- it would create more conflicts....than it would be worth. I *do*
stress that if they have a need for a small group or the entire class to
come to the LMC at "point of interest or need" -- just sent a note and I
will try to accomodate them.  In other words I'm the flexible one --
not the schedule!!

The second is from Brian Roundtree   roundtree@MINET.gov.MB.CA he
Why not
-descibe the benefits of flexible scheduling
-show how it works
-show your time table
-try a role-play
-show how your library can best be used under this system?
Perhaps there is a teacher on staff who could describe  the benefits
his/her clas received from flexible scheduling.

The third is from Anne Hall   ahall@london2.skn.net  she suggests the
following 2 books:
"Beyond Flexible Scheduling:  A Workshop Guide"  written by Nancy L
Dobrot published in 1192 by Hi Willow Research and Publishing, Castle
Rock CO.

"Online II; Essentials of a Model Library Media Program: distributed by
the Kentucky Dept. of Ed, April 1995.

Thank you to all who responded -  if I receive anymore information I
will post another hit.  As for what I am going to do -- I am pursuing an
idea using a Hershey bar representing fixed scheduling and Twizzler's
licorice being flexible scheduling.(My husband thinks the pain pills
have affected my brain!!)  When I get the outline finished I will post
it if there is an interest.
Thanks again
Lee Ann Messer
Ballenger Elementary School
Media Specialist

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