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On Wed, 14 Aug 1996 Mary Ann Emerick wrote:

My resources have failed me, maybe you won't.
The 21st Century web site has information titled "Analysis of Teacher Skills
That information was put out by the National Information Infrastructure
Advisory Council. Who are these guys? How do I get a hold of them? and Where
did they get their information?

The Web page also says this came from the Office of Technology Assessment;
Teaching matters. I found several phone numbers but every time I try to call
I get a phone message saying my call can not be completed as dialed.
The phone numbers which I can't get to work:
Information: 202-224-9241
FAX:         202-228-6218
Email: rherdman@ota.gov.         My service says that it can not be
delivered. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. With the
government shut downs maybe these guys left town!
Mary Ann Emerick, Pella, IA

Mary Ann....this office lost its funding.....I had just found it and
realized its use when I discovered
that it was not funded by Congress. Science News had an article about them
and how some of
the staff stayed on to finish some of their projects on their own dime.
We used some of their
research in a grant that we had funded for teacher training.  They did have
a web site...I am not
sure whether that is still in operation.   When is someone going to figure out
that the government does do some good things for us?

Doris Smith

Doris Smith
Bedford, Mass 01730

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