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I have been using the new web-authoring tool, Claris Home Page, from the
Claris Corporation.  It appears to be an excellent tool for schools
because it is cross-platform (Mac and PC-Windows 95), and it is just like
a word processor:  You type (copy or drag) in your text, images, links,
etc. and it automatically creates an HTML file for you behind the scenes.
 I worked with a teacher and nine students in Michigan (4th grade through
college) this summer using Claris Home Page to create web pages.  The
students made great progress in only one week, and all created beautiful
home pages which we are now about to put on the web.

I am writing you to see if anyone else has used this product --
especially with students.  I am eager to see what kind of experience you
have had with students of different ages. If you have any stories to
tell, personal or otherwise, I would appreciate your sharing them with me.

Thank you!

Fred D'Ignazio

Fred D'Ignazio Author/Producer "Classrooms Without Walls (TM)"
Multi-Media Classrooms, Inc. 1773 Walnut Heights Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823-2945 USA +1 (517) 332-8896  Fax: 332-9378
Website: http://www.tcimet.net/mmclass/  Email: dignazio@msen.com

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