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lex@THE.LINK.CA (Lex Systems Inc.) writes:
> I would like to see someone sponsor a web page having lists
> of companies that spam out junk mail advertising.  I would
> be happy to avoid ever purchasing anything from them.

   Good idea and one that is probably already in the works.

> Possible solution 2:
> I would also be pleased to keep a form letter flaming junk
> mailing companies.  When requested I would be happy to add
> my 2 cents and email the form letter to the offender.  Perhaps
> generating tons of junk return mail would have an impact.
    Be careful when undertaking protest letters. Spammers can be very
vicious and their computer skills may be considerable. They can retaliate
against you in a number of ways. Mail bombs can be sent to your account
that will crash your account. Your e-mail address may be forged on a
pornographic web site describing you as a promiscuous person desiring e-mail.
Tread lightly when you deal with these wackos...they have no social
conscience. Consider sending a letter to list SPAM-L (please don't
forward the entire spam...just a very small portion or a description of
the offending letter).

        Russell Smith   rssmith@tenet.edu   rssmith@camalott.com
Region 14 ESC Abilene, Tx   Edtech Consultant, Certified teacher, Journalist

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