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I can't remember if I posted this hit back in the spring...
My original inquiry was for sports magazines for grades 2-4. Here are the
comments I received.
When I took my present position at my middle school grades 4-8 they
were receive the sports digests and no one was reading them.  I cancelled
them and I now have a great circulation of 2 copies of Sports Illus. for
Kids (one subscription was not enough), Boy's Life, and donated copies
of the regular Sports Illus.  I also have donated copies of Radio
Cars, Dirt Bike, and BMX magazines and they are used constantly by all
We are short on money and when I asked for magazine donations through the
parent newsletter, I received a lot of good magazines (and a lot of not-
so-good magazines that I tossed) and the kids do not particularly care
the mags are one or two years old.
I am the librarian in a middle school (grades 5-8) and subscribe to these
magazines (Hockey Digest, Baseball Digest, Basketball Digest and Football
Digest).  I would not recommend these for grades 2-4.  The format and the
content are geared for older kids.  I would consider Soccer Jr. though
for grades 2-4.
Soccer Jr. is another possibility for your kids.
I am in an elementary school with grades EC through 4th. My boys like
Dirt Bike & BMX Plus, in addition to SI/Kids.
We get all the digest mags... but the most popular title we
have for the boys is "Sports Cards"... we get two copies...
and they all fight over them. (g)  It's a k-5 school.
Our boys like the periodical "NBA Inside stuff"
I find that the boys can't wait for the new issue of Hockey Digest each
month. Being in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, hockey is *big* here. We'll
be losing the Winnipeg Jets next year, so the boys are heartbroken, but
still want to keep up on the rest of the teams.
One my boys like a lot is Dirt Bike.  Lots of pictures and adds they love
to pore over.  We also get Field and Stream as my area is rural and
hunting is a big interest.

In summary, LM-NETTERS...It looks like 2 votes each for Soccer Junior,
and Dirt Bike, and
one vote for the others mentioned (BMX Plus, NBA Inside Stuff, "sports"
Sports Cards). I liked the idea of asking for donations of
magazines...I'll run it by my principal.  Thanks to the 10 or so
suggestions and comments!
I've decided to subscribe to Soccer, Jr, and pick up another subscription
to Sports Illus for Kids.

Suzanne Weinheimer, Library Media Specialist
South Mountain School/Annex (K-4)
South Orange, NJ  07079
school email:    SMtnSchLib@aol.com
personal email:  suzanne@whatexit.com
school web page: http://www.shu.edu/~murrayna
Opinions expressed are my own...

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