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In less than 5 days, here are the responses I received from my question
about making posters from photos (question was asked August 12). Thanks
so much to everyone!
     Suzanne Weinheimer, South Mountain School Library, South Orange NJ

From D. Collier, Texas:
>Have never tried it, but our Sam's Warehouse Club here has equipment to
>blow up negatives into poster-size pictures. I seem to remember it was
>very reasonable--something like $3-4 for 22" size.

From B. Barr, NY:
>There is a mail in service called York photos that is national and comes
>in junk mail. I usually have one lying around but because I want one you
>know I don't have it. I bet if you posted to the listserv requesting an
>envelope from York photos, you'd get one mailed to you. They also do
>regular photos, enlargements and mugs and t-shirts.

From S. Giddings, NC:
>I know places like Clark Color Labs do make posters from prints and we
>had some done a few years ago.  I really don't remember how much they cost.
>Clark often has inserts in the Sunday newspapers.

From J. Ermlick, PA:
>this may sound a bit weird but it works--scan in photos and print out in
>Print Shop --gets the job done!

From V. Minear, Nebraska:
>We did something like this a few years ago.  I think that Kinkos, a local
>copier service, made our enlargements.  If you have Kinkos, you may want
>to check with them.

From Sarah L, Maryland.:
>Did you check w/your local photo finishing place?  I just take mine to the
>local drugstore.  I'm pretty sure you can have posters make from
>negatives at any of these local places but I don't have any cost figures
>here at home.  I do have a mailer from Seattle FilmWorks [Seattle FilmWorks,
> 1260 16th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119
>       206/283-9074   (6AM-6PM Pacific Time)]
>and their 16x24"
>posters are $16.00 and 20x30 are $22.00.  That could get expensive.  I'm
>sure the local places are *lots* cheaper.

>I know someone who did this poster project like you're thinking of
>doing.  It sounds like such a neat idea but I have always wondered about
>the copyright issue....do you think there is one? (a copyright issue,
>that is?)  I really don't know.  One thing that this person did tell me
>was to make sure you leave room at the top of the photo to paste on the
>letters for R E A D when you shoot the picture.  Said she forgot on a
>couple of shots.  Good luck!

From HMRuff@aol.com and marturn@tenet.edu:
> Try Kinko's

From Kay.Honaker@m.k12.ut.us:
> There's a mail order company called York that does poster size blowups of
> photos more cheaply than anywhere I've ever seen.  They used to be less
> than $10.00 apiece.  I don't have the address anymore; their mailers come
> out in those coupon packages you get in the mail from time to time.  I
> don't know if this helps or just whets your desire.  You could check the
> Web . . .

From loismits@freenet.macatawa.org:
> You may want to check Clark Photo Laboratories located all over
> the U.S.  The nearest to you is in NY  G.P.O. Box 3240 NY,NY 10116
> I have done 2 20x30 posters from phots which were 5.99 plus 1.65 for
> shipping and handling.  They also have other sizes available.

From G. Hodur:
>Check your local drugstore or K-Mart that develops photos. Kodak
>usually has quite a selection of "extras" that they can do with
>photos--mugs, calendars, puzzles, and posters being among them. I don't
>know the price, but I don't think they're too outrageous.
>It would be great if you could find a Copymat or Kinko's that would run the
>poster from a computer file, because then you could doctor your pix up with
>the READ lettering, etc., just like on the ALA posters.

Okay, LMNETters, here's what I found out.
  Kinko's (our local one) charges about $5, but it is a color photo copy.
Local photo labs charge about $20 for a poster sized enlargement (which
of course is WAY above my budget). Someone suggested going with an 11" by
14" , which price wise is what I plan to do. Walgreens has enlargements
for $4.99 each, (or two 8 by 10's for $3.99). I'm still trying to obtain
information about Giant Photos (the one that advertises in the Sunday
papers) in Nashville. I'll post that info when I get it.

Suzanne Weinheimer, Library Media Specialist
South Mountain School/Annex (K-4)
South Orange, NJ  07079
school email:    SMtnSchLib@aol.com
personal email:  suzanne@whatexit.com
school web page: http://www.shu.edu/~murrayna
Opinions expressed are my own...

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