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In response to my recent post about posters from photos, several people
suggested Giant Photos (Rockford IL, 1-815-964-7927). I contacted them,
but they are not the Giant Photos that advertises in the Sunday paper.
The Giant Photos company I was looking for is based out of Nashville TN
and enlarges photos into posters. The company in Illinois sell posters
and prints only.

I've contacted directory assistance for Nashville (615-555-1212), but
they have no listing. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Suzanne Weinheimer, Library Media Specialist
South Mountain School/Annex (K-4)
South Orange, NJ  07079
school email:    SMtnSchLib@aol.com
personal email:  suzanne@whatexit.com
school web page: http://www.shu.edu/~murrayna
Opinions expressed are my own...

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