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Dear LM_Netters,

I'm pleased to announce that our County Superintendent of Schools Office
Library catalog is now accessible via the Internet.  We just finished
installing and testing-driving Follett's Telnet QuickLink, and, by golly,
it works!  You can see the catalog (remember, it's a telnet version, so
it's slower than the Web, and the mouse can't do anything for you, and yes,
you'll see some of our typos and incomplete records) by getting to our
office's homepage at:


Then, scroll down a short distance to the link entitled, IMC.  Click there,
and you're on my department's homepage.  Go down to the library section
where you'll find a variety of buttons, among them being one called,
"Online Catalog".  Click, and you're in.  I have only two slots open on my
Novell user-licenses which can be used right now, but I'll be upgrading to
a 25-user license in a couple of weeks, so more people can be online

If you have any comments and/or suggestions about my department's homepage,
please e-mail me.  I'm open to improving, fine-tuning, tweaking the links,
and generally providing better services to our county's educational
community, so I really do appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks in advance.


Kathy Graves                    Siskiyou County Supt. of Schools Office

kgraves@sisnet.ssku.k12.ca.us   609 South Gold Street
phone: 916-842-8427             Yreka, CA 96097

FAX:  916-842-8436


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