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I work for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools and am located in
Wiesbaden Germany.  We have a professional library staffed by a very wonderful
librarian who is retiring after 30 years.  She has helps countless numbers of
people with advanced degrees and is a real treasure who will be greatly missed.
Her name is Carol Benner, she works here in Wiesbaden and was previously in
Karlshue (sp?)

We are working on a book of messages, letters etc from people she has helped
and worked with over the years.

Due to the nature of our district, teachers who have worked in the DoDDS system
are spread all over the world.

If you know of anyone on your staff, friends etc who have worked with DoDDS who
remembers Carol and would like to send a message, I will collect these and
include them in the book.

A BIG thanks in advance.

Deborah Stafford
Gen H.H. Arnold HS
Department of Defense Dependents Schools
Wiesbaden Germany
or  deborah_stafford@ccmail.odedodea.edu

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