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One of our goals this year is to highlight careers.  In addition to the
typical nonfiction resources, we want to provide a list of books and characters
that have a recognizable career or occupation.  This will be a list for K-12.
For example:  John Henry = railroad; All Creatures Great and Small= veternarian,
etc. etc. <Granted...these are not the best examples.>
     We want to indicate approximate grade level and a sentence or two an
annotation.  This list will focus on recreational reading, so most of the
titles will be fixtion, but some biography maybe.  What we don't want is the
typical fact-filled "Careers In_______" book.  We want this list to motivate
a desire to read.
     If you have suggestions to include, e-mail them directly to me and, if
there is enough interest, I'll post to the list.  I will finalize the list
the weekend after Labor Day week.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Linda L. Carter
Oklahoma City Public Schools
e-mail---> CARTERL@delphi.com

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