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I am a new user. I had been following with interest the topics before going
on a 2-week vacation, just as the topic library automation was raised. I have
been in touch with Ginny Waples who brought up subject of vendors, and she
will post me a hit of info.

I am sole librarian at private K-8 school, 250 students. Have adult volunteer
help. Am in early stages of planning to automate library. School has a MAC
lab with 12 computers. I have 2 MACs with CD-ROM drives in library. I have
been reading a lot. My planning will include the obvious: form a committee to
help me, read, visit sites, talk to vendors. examine demos, decide system
stoftware and hardware (probably MACs), decide source of money, plan a time
line, etc. Would appreciate hearing advice from those of you with experience.

What are special strngths/weaknesses of the system you use?

Comments regading Winnebago, Alexandria, others?

MUST I have ISBN or LC number on shelf cards for retro conversion? I will
send out the cards. If necessary, which number is more important? Should I
put a volunteer on the job to locate numbers? What is a good source?

As of now my fine system consists of returning or paying for books and
mateials before receiving report card (4 times a year). Any suggestions?

As of now, loan period is 7 days, with 1 week grace period, before overdue
notice is sent.
Would 14 days, with 1 week grace period, reduce paperwork? Any suggestions?

I welcome any suggestions. THANKS.

I can be reached at ChessL@aol.com.

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