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Our company has had nothing but complaints from non-African American public
school teachers, principals, and administrators regarding putting curriculum
about CITIES of the 48 Black African countries in the classroom.

On the other hand, we cannot produce enough of this Los Angeles Unified
School District-endorsed curriculum for predominately African American public
schools.  After our first several years, we have nearly 100 public schools
accross the country with our curriculum in their classrooms.

Why is there such a resistance from non-African American educators.  No
matter what your responses may be, I welcome them all.  Following are 5
responses we've received:
From:   Kym001@aol.com
To:     AfricaABCs

What about the study of cities of hispanics...how bout Polish...what about
the Irish?  What the hell makes blacks so special that or/my children will
have to study a iffrent city/culture each week?  Sounds like reverse
discrimination to me.  What is everyone still paying for the oppresion of
generations past?

From:   Tim Coker@aol.com
To:     AfricaABCs

Are these kids Africans???  NO.  They are US citizens.  Do they know about
their own counrty??? NO.  US History, Geography, CULTURE, etc. need to come
first.  They don't live in Africa nor, with the exception of a scant few,
will they ever visit Africa.  Stop selling your  multicultural bolagna until
the kids learn about themselves and their country first!

From:   TMccull230@aol.com
To:     AfricaABCs

Surley you've got to be kidding !  As a public school teacher, I find this to
be racially bias.  If we are going to start shoving this stuff down our kids
throats, I guess it is also appropriate to include all other cultures
EQUALLY.  Why don't we just spend the time teaching kids the American
Culture, morality, self respect, responsibility, and how to read, write, and
understand English.  Most all of our better colleges are turning down
multi-cultural (black) education down.  They say it does not have a place in
their curriculum.  Why should public schools waste their time.  Kids need to
know how to earn a living in society, not what each country is like in
Please get a grip on reality !

From:   Duwain@aol.com
To:     AfricaABCs

Just out of curiosity......

Will schools also have an "Asis In Our Schools" Program?  How about a
"Central America In Our Schools" program?  If not, why not?  You might also

South America In Our Schools
Europe In Our Schools
The Middle East In Our Schools
Eastern Europe In Our Schools

Being a teacher myself, I have students from all these various areas of the
world.  Do we want to leave them out?  Are you aware that the spanish
speaking segment of our population is the fastest growing?

Or.....perhaps another idea......

We could teach students about all countries and cultures of the world and
teach them what it means to be American.

Just a thought.

From:   MsTiff420
To:     AfricaABCs

I believe you have sent the above information to me by mistake.

I did read however and have the following comments:
  1.  This program and so many like it, lead long term to the future
Bosnianization of this country, which is already well underway (without your
help).  Others will have serious problems to deal with because of the
segmenting and divisioning of this country.
  2.  The long term (and true purpose) of this program is to soften the minds
of the future tax base of this country for the extraction of their tax
dollars.  These tax dollars will be sent to Africa, just as they are already
sent to Isreal, Egypt, etc.
  3.  Your strategy to counter those who attempt to oppose such programs as
you have sent to me, should be to label them as racist, anti semitic or right
wing fringe elements.  It works every time!
Carry on!  You are just one group among many that are pursuing the same

My heart aches due to the fleecing of America.  When the revolution comes you
will not want to admit your participation in such programs and most
definitely do not admit to being a lawyer.

I challege you to respond.

You will admit that those are strong opinions, honestly and openly expressed.
 We'd like to hear yours.

Jegede Legesse Allyn
Founder, AIOS

Africa-In-Our-Schools National School Program
UAI Business, Trade & Cultural Center
1827 Crenshaw Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA  90019


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