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Friends, I know that everyone is busy with the beginning of school,
but if you have time, I would love some input into two problems.
(1)I have student helpers for the first time because we are going to
block scheduling and there is no place else for them to go...for an
hour and a half.  If you have student helpers, what do you expect of
them? I would love to see a list of responsibilities, as well as
things that I might teach them while they are here.  They will get
some kind of credit even though I will not give them a grade...
(2)An English teacher is teaching for the first time (and did not
know that she would be) a 9 wk study skills course.  She wants to
include the library in her plans.  Are there some excellent, current
sources to help me develop something for her or do I need to develop
my own plans?  Any suggestions on the questions will be greatly
appreciated.  I don't know what I would have done without this group
over the past two years as I have learned....and am still learning.
Thanks again.
George Anne Draper
Wynne, AR

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