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Believe me, I have eaten my share of foot (in mouth that is), and I think
we all need to laugh at ourselves once in awhile. Is awhile a word anyway,
or is it a while? Since no names were mentioned I think no meanness was
intended. It reminds me of a joke from Reader's digest. A woman left her
house in a hurry one morning to run some errands. Upon trying to cash her
paycheck at the bank, the woman was refused by the teller. Much to her
chargrin she'd accidently been trying to cash her check *stub*. When she
arrived home she was distressed to discover that shed torn up her
paycheck. She immediately called the bank manager and asked if she could
cash the check if she taped it together. He said it was no problem and to
alleviate her embarrassment he said "Don't worry, we had a lady in here
this morning trying to cash her pay stub!";)

                                 Beverly Barr

                        e-mail: babarr@acsu.buffalo.edu

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, eberne wrote:

> Dear Friends,
>    Even though these reference questions are funny, I hate to see librarians
> laughing at patrons behind their backs.
>    The message below was in response to one member of LM_NET who didn't know
> BMW stood for Bavarian Motor Works. Would she like to think we were all
> laughing at her?
> >"...PLEASE forgive me-I goofed! I had always heard it was British! .."
> >
> >Well, in a way you are right. BMW has bought a large share of Rover
> >(as in Range & Land).
> >
> >Bob
> >
> >
> Ellen Berne
> Co-Manager, ISED-L
> Instructor, Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science
> Library Director, The Winsor School
> Pilgrim Road    Boston MA 02215
> Voice: (617)735-9510
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