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Dear friends on both LM-Net and OZTL-Net,

Thanks so much for your many responses to my request for the name of a video
based on a book that would be suitable for students aged 5 - 18.  .  I have
had so many ace responses.  Thought you may all want to file them away
somewhere, so have put them together in a hit.

Thanks again.

Bev Novak

A couple of Australian suggestions!!

a) Captain Johnno, part of the "Touch the Sun" series

b) Round the Twist, by Paul Jennings.  Good because it is episodic

c) The Other Facts of Life (7 years and up) by Morris Gleitzman part of the
Winners series.

d) Get hold of Kaboodle.  From ABC, which usually has several books/stories
in each program.

e) Is it out yet... Babe!!!

The Incredible Journey_ (the one about
the 2 dogs and cat who traveled miles and miles through all kinds of
hardships to get home.  There are 2 versions out now, I think.  Both are
quite good.

Others would probably be those based on fairy tales or folk tales such as
_Beauty and the Beast_  and _Aladdin_

_Mary Poppins_ or _Around the World in 80 Days_ (or whatever --
I've even forgotten the name of the last one!).  Isn't _Around the
Word..._ the one with Dr. Dolittle who talks to animals?
The Witches

THE HOBBIT based on the book of the same name.

Colin Thiele's "Fire in the
stone".  It is very dated, but there are heaps of issues for discussion
and the excitement and adventure kept my year 6 (11-12) enthralled and
amused.  I like to compare the movie end with the book end and that leads
to media studies and some debate on how and why the book was changed.

A Cry in the Wild".  It is a Disney movie based on the book Hatchet by
Paulsen.  It might be intense for your younger students so be sure to preview.

Round the Twist'.

THE HOBBIT based on the book of the same name.


The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  It is a longer video and would have to be
shown in segments.

Iron Will is the story of a teenage boy who goes against many difficulties
to win a dog sled race and save his family farm.

The Journey of Natty Gann is the story of a teenage girl who struggles to
find her father.

I think movies have been made of The Call of the Wild and White Fang by
Jack London.

Balto is an animated movie based on the true story of a dog who becomes a
hero by leading a sled
team through blizzard conditions to take medicine to a remote town. The
story of Balto can be found in written form also.

All of the stories gain dramatic tension by having the main characters
struggle against the harshness of nature or the wilderness or villians.

Homeward Bound is based on the Incredible Journey

"Finders Keepers" from the story of the same name by Emily Rodda

Sun on the stubble

Charlotte's Web (based on the book by E.B. White).

The Incredible Journey

R. Dahl - The BFG

Pagemaster, an animated feature film that also includes some
live action. Although the  older students maypooh-pooh this a bit, they will
enjoy and be entertained by the film. I like the book too.

The Miracle Worker

Anne of Green Gables

The secret garden

Night of the Twisters

A book by Wayne Levy, entitled The book of the film and the film of the
book. Acedemia press, 1995  It is a bibliography of book and films. Then you
can check out the SFC (State Film Catalogue - Victoria, Australia) catalogue
on the WWW site and find out if the vidoes are held and even if they are

The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe

Manganinnie" based on the book by Beth Roberts about the Tasmanian
aboriginals and a young white girl.

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