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Hello Group,

Pat Jones asked on Ednet a while back about how one keeps track of
student/parent signed AUPs.  I proposed (after reading someone else's idea)
that "surfer"  or "navigator" license be issued after a student has
returned the properly signed (by both him/her and parents) and has taken a
quiz on netiquette, internet ethics, or AUP contents.  The license will
have to be surrendered to the librarian, teacher, or library lab adult
aide each time he/she sits down at a computer.  In our case, to be filed
in a horizontal rolodex type of file behind the computer number being
used.  (Our lab computers are numbered for identification purposes.)

Since we now have student ID cards with pictures, rather than issue an
additional license, I'm wondering if we could find a particular type of
tiny sticker that could be added to the plastic ID card that would not be
removable -- something like a tiny globe or computer or something
similar. It would have to be unique so students couldn't find and
purchase the stickers on their own.  Is there a company who will design
and create such custom stickers?  I know I have received special booth
stickers at TLA conferences.

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