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Many thanks to Ty Winter from Louisiana State Univ. who let me know where
to locate the software program "News of the Past". It is not on CD-ROM,
but is on a floppy disk, and can be obtained from Spectrum Unlimited,
2261 Market St., Suite 276, San Francisco, 94114. Their phone number is
415-647-1070. The cost of the program is $59.95, or $89.95 - the latter
includes next year's update, which normally sells for $25. Without seeing
the program I don't know how well  it works, but I do plan to order it.
 I hope this information is useful for the people who asked me to pass on
what I learned from my original query to the group. Thanks again from all
of us, Ty! Rayna

   Rayna Patton, Librarian                Marysville Exempted Village Schools
   Marysville High School                 Voice   513/642-0010
   800 Amrine Mill Rd                     FAX     513/642-2033
   Marysville, Ohio  43040                E'Mail  KMV_PATTON@K12.MEC.OHIO.GOV

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