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I struggled for a long time over bibliographical citations for our first
through sixth graders, and finally came up with some forms for each grade
that I think will work.  They are meant to bring the students up
progressively from the first grade until, in sixth grade, they can do a
pretty sophisticated citation.  I based them on the MLA handbook,
Electronic Style (Li and Crane), Janice Walker, and Beyond the MLA
Handbook (Harnack and Kleppinger).

I included examples on my library's home page, which you can see at
http://styx.ios.com/~saroldi.  I'm still working on these, and will be
adding a reference to the sources I used. I'll also be adding a citiation
for materials retrieved from the commercial online services, such as
AOL.  I'll also be revising these over the year as I see how much the
children can handle.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you -- but
remember, this is for first through sixth graders, so some things may
look a little simplified!  In fact, for some sixth graders the electronic
bibliographical citations are very difficult to do without some guidance.

Susan Aroldi
Oradell Public School
350 Prospect Avenue
Oradell, New Jersey 07549


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