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Yesterday I downloaded FreePPP to replace the old version of ConfigPPP on
my Mac 5200/75 LC.  Everything was working fine.  Today I installed the
software for the black and white QuickCam since I had had hard drive
problems over the summer and ended up having the hard drive replaced.  Last
year, I had no problems switching from the camera software, which was on my
printer port, to the PPP software using my modem port.

After the software was loaded, I noticed that the ConfigPPP icon was no
longer on my menu bar and was also crossed out in the Startup icons.  I
trashed FreePPP and reinstalled the old ConfigPPP software, changing the
configuration of the MacTCP control panel as well.  I discovered that the
two extensions for the software were at fault.  If I disabled them,
ConfigPPP dialed up with no problems but enabling them caused the Open
button on ConfigPPP to gray out.  I also trashed and reconfigured both the
ConfigPPP preferences and MacTCP.  I even upgraded my system to 7.5.3,
which I was planning to do anyway.  Nothing has helped.

I called Connectix 3 times and spoke with 3 different technicians, all who
told me different ways to resolve the problem.  I trashed and reinstalled
the camera software, with no success.  I rebuilt the desktop and
reinstalled my Global Village Platinum software.  One techician recommended
downloading and installing an upgrade which I did.  Two said that FreePPP
wouldn't work with the camera, but one said only a later upgrade than I had
would cause any type of conflict.

I can't understand why I'm having problems even after I got rid of FreePPP
and started using the older configuration again.  Everything worked fine
before school was out.  When I had the hard drive replaced, Apple did
reinstall a later version of System 7.5.1 than I had originally but I don't
know if that was the problem.  All I know is that installing the camera
software completely zapped FreePPP and I have not been able to use the
camera and then go on the Internet without disabling the camera extensions
and restarting first since.

Please let me know if you have had this type of problem and what you did to
solve it.  Send any replies directly to me at mlbuchan@scott.net.


 Madeline L. Buchanan           Voice:  (205) 838-7620 or 838-7666
 Library Media Specialist       Fax:    (205) 838-7622
 W. J. Christian School         Email:  mlbuchan@scott.net
 Birmingham, Alabama            http://www.scott.net/~mlbuchan/

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  To bring us closer to the power of the dream."
  --Celine Dion (Opening Ceremonies, Atlanta Summer Olympics, 1996)

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