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        I need reassurance that I'm in the right.  A teacher asked me to
order more book/tape sets for fifth grade.  I complied, but it took months
to get them from our central processing center.  They finally came this
summer and I proudly showed them to her today and she wanted to take them
all - for keeps, for her room.  I explained that this was not the way I
envisioned people using the library book/tape kits - that I wanted them
available for children to check out and take home.

She wouldn't even discuss it, but turned on her heel with the parting shot
- "so if I want book tapes in my classroom I'm supposed to buy them out of
my classroom budget? " To which I answered, "Yes."

My feeling is that library materials should be available to everyone in the
building, she acted like I was saying she couldn't use them at all.  I
could understand a teacher setting up a listening station and possibly
borrowing a library kit for a month or so, but the whole year?  This upset
me greatly because I really prefer not to have teachers mad at me, could I
have misunderstood her?  I asked how long she meant to  keep them and she
just looked at me.  I prompted, "all year?"  To which she replied, well,
most of it.

I think she thinks that if someone requests something it is their property.
I think other people in my school think the same thing.   Any advice?


Megan McGuire
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