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On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Betty Dawn Hamilton wrote:

> Hello Group,
> Pat Jones asked on Ednet a while back about how one keeps track of
> student/parent signed AUPs.  I proposed (after reading someone else's idea)
> that "surfer"  or "navigator" license be issued ...
> Since we now have student ID cards with pictures, rather than issue an
> additional license, I'm wondering if we could find a particular type of
> tiny sticker that could be added to the plastic ID card that would not be
> removable --

Betty -

I would suggest that you use a special punch rather than a sticker.
Stickers on the outside of the barcode tend to get lost; stickers
laminated _over_ the original lamination make the barcode for the library
VERY hard to read. Double lamination also tends to peel apart before the
end of the year.

By a special punch I mean one that punches out a C or an S or an H or an
L or some such, rather than a hole. Maybe you can find one with a
multipointed star. The ID card can still be put in your rolodex when the
kid is sitting at a computer.

Joyce Conklin            jconkli@ed.co.sanmateo.ca.us
San Mateo Union High School District (ret.)
San Mateo, CA

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