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This is a common problem.  You put your finger on it when you said that she
thought that, because she had suggested the items for purchase, they should
be for her use alone.  Be assured that funds allocated to the library are to
be used for materials that will be accessible to ALL.  This is the norm
everywhere.  You are NOT in error in telling this teacher that if she wants
materials for her own class, she needs to spend her own classroom monies.
 Put another way, I wonder how willing she would be to let other
teachers/students borrow things she had purchased with her own funds?  If she
is so unreasonable as to refuse to understand your desire to benefit ALL the
school, then do not waste time trying to change her mind.

You are right, she is wrong.

That being said, I DO understand your desire to keep everyone happy (used to
be that way myself), but it's a fool's errand and an impossibility.  Firm and
fair, pleasant and politely-spoken to all, yes; but don't try to please
everyone -- can't be done, and you will  give yourself endless grief trying.
 Aim for the greatest good for the greatest number.

(Mark steps off his soapbox.)  Good luck!

Mark Williams
Colton High School

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