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A Big Thanks To All,

Yesterday I posted the question "Does Dole have a pet?".  Thanks to many
quick responses, I found out that he has a Schnauzer named Leader.

I was asked by a couple of folks to share my idea for an election bulletin
board, so here it is.

I am using a fabric backround that I purchased from the local fabric
outlet, which is solid with waving flags.  Will will then put a blown up
figure of the White House in the middle.  I plan to put Socks on one side
and Leader on the other.  I am still pondering which one to put on the
right and which one to put on the left. Ha. Ha.  I will put letting that
says, "What pet will live in the White House next?".  I will also put other
election info. on the board as it comes up in the news.  Hopefully, some of
the news will be in a context that is fun and interesting to children.

Thanks Again.

Colleen Small
Media Specialist
Groveland Elementary
Wayzata, Minnesota

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