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"...A teacher asked me to order more book/tape sets for fifth grade.  I

I was under the impresson that our purchasing decisions were based on
curriculum _and_ collection development. The selection process should be
grounded in providing materials for the extension, expansion, and support of
the classroom materials and work.
I think we all have consideration files. I make it very clear to my staff
that _requests_ and _recommendations_ are welcome. I also make it clear
that I don't see their planning books and don't always know they are
planning a new unit. That it is important for them to come see what we
already have, and if we can support their curriculum.
Different schools work in different manners and systems. I made sure that
I was on the building budgeting and policy committees. I also make sure
that the principals understand that the library budget is not for
classroom use.
Some things that work for me:
 1> Get into as many teacher planning sessions as possible. They will welcome
 input and ideas from another perspective. It is a good time to bring up your
 own units and plans  and start working together.
2> Communicate! Keep staff and administration informed. New books, Budget
plans (After I let the school know how much a set of encyclopedias cost,
all of a sudden the teachers were telling their kids how to take care of
them), Collection development and curriculum mapping. This is simple PR
3> Be involved in the building and district politics, not the grump
sessions around the coffee pot.
4> Work to help the teachers learn to be users of the library, not the

Bob Eiffert, Librarian at Image Elementary. Vancouver WA

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