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        Help, please!  I need some fiction titles to suggest to a teacher
who is teaching a government class.  She would like something meaningful
about utopias, totalitarianism, etc., during the semester.  She wants
something other than Brave New World, 1984, etc.  We tried to get
information on Her Land, but think it is out of print.  Has anyone read
Walden II recently?  Would it be a good selection?  Any other titles come to
mind?  I gave her Lowry's The Giver today and told her about all the good
discussion that has been on this list about it.  Please help if possible.
She's a great new teacher and is really trying to do a good job--plus she
uses the library for herself and her class.  TIA.  Amanda Byrd


    Amanda L. Byrd, LMS                  Phone:  864-260-5155
    T.L. Hanna High School LMC           Fax:    864-260-5213
    2600 Highway 81 North                E-mail: abyrd@carol.net
    Anderson, SC  29621


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