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I had a similar situation. I ordered requested books, then checked them
out to the requesting teacher. At the end of the marking period, I sent a
reminder that they were due. I assumed she would either return them or
renew them. After getting no response I explained to her that library
books were purchased for all of the students in the school, etc. She then
to the principal saying she needed them in her classroom. He said she
could keep them all year. She kept them for 2 years with his permission,
ignoring my late
notices. When I found out she was transferring to another school, I went
to the principal and to the library supervisor to make sure she didn't
take them with her. She sent a student to return them just before she left.
I've never had that problem with other teachers so I continue to order
books if they fit the curriculum,and I have established a definite time
limit for teachers.
Nina Wells
Northern Middle School
Hagerstown, MD 21742

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