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If any of you need copies of your AUP statements, many of the
individual State Department of Education(s) have them on file. I urge
you to give them a call, because they (at least they are in Indiana) are
very willing to help!
     I still urge the Librarian who has an Internet hookup in the
Library to make sure that the AUP statement is part of the Challenged
Book Statement, because the day is coming when a parent will be offended
by something on the Internet and the Libaraian had better be protected.
     Also, for your (the librarian's) own protection, talk to the NEA or
teacher's association and find out what the legal implications are
concerning students getting somewhere that they shouldn't be on the
internet. It wouldn't be a bad idea to also check about the local
teacher association's knowledge concerning the actual wording of the AUP
statement and the concern that a Librarians and Teachers could be fired
for not following the rules/wording of the AUP statement.
     The world is changing and the old saying, "an ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure",,,,,is more relevant today than ever.

just another thought
Dick Ramey

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