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        I posted a message about a teacher who wanted to keep library
materials she had requested in her room - a little shaken from the
confrontation I had with her.  I would like to thank the 50+ people who
responded.  I started to try to respond to each, but I just couldn't keep
up as the email were pouring in.  Actually, I tried to cut and paste the
same thank you to everyone who responded , but my computer crashed in the
process so I'm going to play it safe and just post this heart-felt thank
you to the list as a whole.  I received tons of affirmation and some good
advice as to how to re-establish a relationship with this teacher - seeing
as we have 9 more months together.

Thanks again!


Megan McGuire
Library Media Specialist
Lake View Elementary
1802 Tennyson Lane 53704-2399
(608) 246-4703
Fax (608) 246-4912

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