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        An easy way to solve the problem is to change the automatic
dating on your computer.  If you get an automatic posting of the date,
enter the calendar and change the date.  After the "crisis" correct the

        Let's not hide under a rock.  We can overcome the problem.

        Don't forget to do the same thing next month.

Debby Sue

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996 20:16:19 -0500 Jackie Carrigan PLAINFIELD COMM SCHLS
<carrigan@IDEANET.DOE.STATE.IN.US> writes:
>A teacher just called me and warned me about a virus mentioned on ABC
>News tonight.  It is supposed to strike on Aug.22 and Sept. 22.  Did
>anybody get the whole information, and if so, what are you planning to
>Should we just not turn on computers tomorrow if we haven't scanned
>Jackie Carrigan
>Plainfield, IN

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