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I'm reaching out <whata first week!> for some advice or comfort <sniff>.

I've lost so much this year, and now I will be forced to lock up the
library while I am gone for lunch.  Those darn classroom teachers
decided they'd rather have this aide outside on the playground.
They say they and their students rarely use the library at noon.
Well that may be true, but daily their IS a student or teacher that
needs something at that time.  Eleven aides in our 500 student
building, and I can't get one for 30 minutes at noon.  Geez.
This aide will still come in 30 minutes before and after school,
but I have lost clerical help time because of this decision that
the *teachers* made.

Shouldn't our programs be moving FORWARD!

Marla Hall
Malone Elementary School
Prescott, Wisconsin

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