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Help! Due to a communication problem for which I take full
responsibility (I should have made certain my student helpers
understood my instructions), a helper threw away four volumes of
Abridged Readers' Guides of Periodical Literature. These were for the
years 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993.
     I'm sure that I must replace them, and I have the H.W.Wilson
Catalog where I can order them for $100 apiece. However, I am hoping
that someone out there in our wonderful network may have consolidated
libraries recently and has duplicate copies to sell at a less
expensive  price.
     Please let me know  if you can help me. It is humbling to
realize what big goofs one can make even after 26 years in the
TIA, Judy

Judy Stewman,Librarian
De Queen High School
De Queen, Arkansas 71832


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