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Dear Group,  A couple of days ago I sent this query:

>I am having difficulty figuring out an easy way to search through archives
>to find information that may have been discussed earlier so I don't waste
>everyone's time asking the same question over again.  Anyone have any
>helpful hints?  Thanks.<

Background:  I am new to lm_net.  I am very excited by the information I
have gleaned from all of you.  When I first "tuned in", I explored and
quickly discovered I could retrieve a list of items containing terms
requested in the subject headings.  Then I did not try it again for a
couple of weeks.  When I did, I actually did exactly what half of you that
responded to my query coincidentally suggested--

>Try this gopher site:


and click on the bottom line and then enter your search term(s).

Good Luck.<

But, when I clicked "return" after entering the topic words, absolutely
nothing happened.  Lacking self confidence because of being new, I thought
I was doing something wrong.  It turns out, I wasn't; for some reason
Gopher just didn't respond.

I decided to post this for 3 reasons:  1)  To thank those of you who kindly
responded, 2)  To efficiently respond to the other half that responded to
my query and also wanted to know "how", and 3)  To point out that although
this works, it still is very time consuming.  It would be nice if we  were
able to zero in on a more succinct list of related possiblities.  Thanks,

Sara Miller (millers@mail.yamhillesd.k12.or.us)
Library Media Specialist
Columbus Elementary School
1600 Fellows St.
McMinnville, OR 97128

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