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Hello LMNetters!!

Hope you all had a wonderful summer!!  Restarting my LM_Net mail was my #1
priority on returning!!  Couldn't WAIT to get signed on!!!

I'm sending this REQUEST to the group because I need your HELP!!!  Esp. you
folks in the Baltimore/DC area!!!  I will be getting married and moving to
the Rockville/Montgomery Cty. area in the Spring.  I will be looking for a
position in the schools in that general vicinity for next year.  If you are
priviledged to any information about possible openings OR if you know who I
should contact in order to receive more information on certification, local
jobs in that area, etc.  PLEASE, PLEASE send me a personal Email!!!   I
would GREATLY Appreciate Your HELP!!!  ANY information or leads would be

I am also qualified to work in public and/or academic libraries.  If you
happen to know anything about any of these types of
positions.......children's svcs, reference, even tech. svcs.... that would
be good too!!  I am very anxioius to have some contacts and hopefully even a
JOB before I move.  Your ADVICE is WELCOME!!!  I'm a small town GA girl....I
need all the help I can get in adjusting to the Big City that keeps on going
and going and going!!

Thank you SOOOO much!!  Hope to hear from some of you REAL SOON!!!
Jan Rice McArthur, Media Specialist, Matilda Hartley Elementary, Macon, GA
MHartley@macon.mindspring.com      "or"

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