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From Indiana University's computing services:

"The virus will overwrite the hard drives of infected computers on Thursday,
August 22, and Sunday, September 22.  The virus affects only Intel-based
computers -- those running DOS and Windows, including Windows 95 -- and has
been distributed through binary postings in certain Usenet newsgroups."

"Since Hare is new and very complex, most virus scanners are not yet able to
detect it.  Data Fellow, the group responsible for F-PROT virus-detection
software, has developed F-HARE, a new utility that can detect and disinfect
all know variants of the virus.  You can download F-HARE from the World Wide
Web at the following URLs:"


There was also an extensive article on the virus in this morning's local
paper, so you may be able to get more information from your own local paper.

Linda Wolfgram
Media Specialist
Benton Community Middle/High School
Van Horne, IA

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