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Newsgroups: va-pen.mailing-list.lm_net
Path: kdyess
From: kdyess@pen.k12.va.us (Kathryn Bannon Dyess)
Subject: Pro Quest Direct
Message-ID: <DwJu2s.Hqz@pen.k12.va.us>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 17:04:03 GMT
Organization: Virginia's Public Education Network

We have been asked by an administrator to find about a service
called Pro Quest Direct.  Neither one of us have ever heard of
it.  Does anyone out there know anything that they can pass
along to us?  Of course we need the info immediately.  Please
send info to my e-mail listed below.  TIA!
                Kahty Dyess (and Cathy Clemency)
                LMS, Osbourn High School
                City of Manassas Public Schools, VA

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