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Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my question about Accelerated
Reader.  I learned a lot!  I'll try to summarize the responses below:

9 respondents were VERY positive about the program.  Circulations doubled or
tripled and reading scores soared.  The company was very helpful and
administration didn't seem to be a problem. One person said the it's not the
program, but how you use it, and not to forget about the rest of your library
collection because AR books are in such demand.

There was one negative response to AR, stressing that it is better to spend
money on books rather than software, because programs like these encourage
students to rush through books rather than read for the pleasure of good

5 respondents recommended looking into Electronic Bookshelf, 1-800-READ.  It
is designed by educators, books are not assigned points, and it allows
students to be retested using different questions.  Those using this program
were also EXTREMELY positive.  I had never heard of this program, so I will
look into it before making my decision.

One person recommended That's a Fact, Jack, distributed by Follett Software.

Please let me know if you would like the individual responses forwarded to
you.  I received MUCH very helpful information about how to administer  these
programs, incentives, etc.  A special thank you to Betty Hamilton!

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