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Dear Val,
We had our first day back today and this is what I did with the fourth
After a brief! discussion of conduct/consequences and library circ
proceedures, I gave each student a small sheet of paper and a pencil.
Then I had the students write a question about the library on the papers.
Next they counted off into twos. The Ones formed a large circle. Then the
twos found a partner on the inside of the circle. Students were
instructed to bring their papers with them. Ones asked and twos answered.
Then the twos asked their questions and the ones answered. I walked
around listening, nodding, and generally just happy that they all knew so
much about the library. Most frequently asked: Can we check out tapes
from the listening center overnight (I had just told them they could &
they were excited by the newness of this addition). Also, where are the
This seemed to be an enjoyable, informative activity and it got them on
their feet in an orderly way. It also demonstrated an appropriate library
voice because they were discussing questions in groups of two, which is
much better than a shouted question (or reply) across the room.
Claudia Stephens
Ozark North Elementary
Ozark, MO

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