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kmv_patton@K12.MEC.OHIO.GOV (Rayna Patton) writes:
> Many thanks to Ty Winter from Louisiana State Univ. who let me know where
> to locate the software program "News of the Past". It is not on CD-ROM,
> includes next year's update, which normally sells for $25. Without seeing
> the program I don't know how well  it works, but I do plan to order it.

   I have both News of the Past and Special Days. Both are very nice and
easy to use, but I prefer Special Days because it has Anniversary messages
and Flashback in Time messages as well as the Birthday messages. It also
goes back to 1850 and News of the Past only goes to 1900. Special Days
also lets you put a custom tagline on the bottom of the printout. I bought
Special Days from PowerUp catalog back in 1991 for about $60 and got an
update recently for $18 that covers birthdays from 1850 up to December 31,

    I used them as school fundraisers back in 1993 and we made a few
dollars for charity. But mainly I used them for students and teachers and
of course for friends and relatives.

        Russell Smith   rssmith@tenet.edu   rssmith@camalott.com
Region 14 ESC Abilene, Tx   Edtech Consultant, Certified teacher, Journalist

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