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Two critics weigh in --

I agree with Gail. My six year old daughter agrees with Fred Muller.

She was given the book this summer and was enchanted by the story and the
characters. When we saw the movie in the video store she was keen (to say the
least) to rent it.

I found it just another children's scream-fest using cheap theatrics and
special effects to frighten the little ones. The calm, competent characters
from the book were made manic and ditzy. Like many of the Holywood
productions aimed at the younger crowd it seemed, to me, a primer for the
really violent, really mawkish, really trite productions they manufacture for
young adults and adults.

That said, Phoebe loved it and was very interested in how the producers had
changed the book's story into an exciting movie. She found it a learning
experience and ranked it (just behind Barney) as one of the summer's best

Always one to get her money's worth from a video, she watched it again, this
time with earphones.

John Kenneth Johnson
High School Librarian
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