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>>>>My district is preparing to write a new curriculum for =
library/information skills.  In reviewing the LM_Net archive, I find = that
there are many more requests for information than replies.  Maybe = we are
all replying to the sender?<<<<

      Curriculum design has been under-going change over the past few years
along with other areas of educational restructuring and I think our lib media
profession must reflect those changes.  The broader educational community is
focusing on student-centered learning with a growing emphasis on process as
well as content knowledge.  Some of the curricula have been developed as
frameworks rather than the more traditional scope and sequence approach.
     There are a variety of information skills models available today which
emphasize the process approach but these  do not match with the scope and
sequence chart that many traditional schools have in their formal curriculum.
 So, the question becomes . . . . how do we bridge that gap?
     I have great fear that if we take a process model and identify grade
levels for specific skills that we will lose that global, holistic
perspective.  I believe it would be inappropriate (and counter-productive) to
fail to engage a 3rd grade student who needed to brainstorm in that activity
because brainstorming is not covered until 4th grade.  (just a wild
example!!)  On the other hand, we obviously must teach the skills on these
process models, and level and ability do enter into the picture.   I know
some LMSs who have constructed a list of skills that appear on the model but
use this list in an informal way as they work with teachers.
     The notion of a process information skills model is very important to
me.  My students are college level and I find I still must teach parts of
this process.  I do much of this on an as-needed basis and I have begun to
put emphasis on the evaluation of process as well as their products.  I would
be VERY INTERESTED in hearing how all of you do this.

Marjorie Pappas, Associate Professor
School Library Media Studies
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA  50614-0462
email:   MarjorieP@aol.com
    or  marjorie.pappas@uni.edu

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